Gallery & children

1 April 2004 - we have organised a lesson about modern art for pupils of the 1st class of Integracyjne Gimnazjum number 2. Our employee - Ms. Anna - who is a master of a history of fine arts for over one hour was talking with children about outstanding Polish contemporary artists, about pictorial techniques and materials that may be used to create the works of art... She was talking about her outlook on art - "work of art" means for everyone something different. The painting should touch me, recipient, the perfect technique is not enough.


Before the ending of the meeting, Ms. Anna asked class to take a notice of exposed Grażyna Lubaszka's paintings. There was an exhibition of her work of art 4 days earlier, exactly in SD Gallery. Her output become an inspiration to an art competition organised for youths of Gimnazjum number 2. The subject was just: "My Angels".


Children were working at their school workshop, under the supervision of Mr. Marek Piętkowski. Their ideas had totally surprised us.


After rough proceedings we decided to award a prize the best paintings:

I prize: Michał Dresner
II prize: Krystyna Jeppson
III prize: Dominika Wnuk


Paulina Szymańska, Piotr Fulek and Marta Dębowska were also privileged.


Galeria SD, designed by Michał Piecuch, 2004